Why Cubical Services?

The advantages are unparalleled: Using Cubical Services versus starting from scratch and doing everything gives our clients a clear and distinct edge when it comes to handling daily business issues. We provide our clientele with differentiating benefits and services for one simple subscription.

Business Know-How and Industry Experience

Many ambitious ideas stop at the ``how?``, and we can help you answer that question. We will help you study your idea, develop its finer points and address any issues that are holding you back. We will assist you in developing a robust business plan, or prepare an initial project study under your supervision. We will help you study the industry, research the competition and develop relationships with strategically chosen development, marketing and other firms needed to make your project successful.

Saving Time

Our aim is to help you focus on the priorities without worrying about secondary issues. Our research has shown that one of the main reasons entrepreneurs and young business owners give up on their plans is due to the inability to manage their time in the most efficient manner. We are here to remove that barrier to success. You can talk to us anytime and the online portal is available 24/7 for you to oversee your project whenever and wherever you are. Our executive assistants will take care of the little details while you think of the big picture.

Cutting Cost

Do not worry about acquiring office space or furniture, or pay bills for telephone, internet, electricity, maintenance and other overhead costs. You are welcome to use our offices and meeting rooms free of charge. Do not budget for employing dedicated personnel to handle administrative tasks and follow-up duties. Our executive assistants will take care of that for you.

Instant and Constant Communication

We provide round the clock support for your activities, made possible by our online portal which offers a unique account for each client. Through this, you can give instructions and recommendations to your executive assistant, securely store your documents, keep track of appointments and organize your contacts. You can reach your assistant online or via traditional methods such as phone, fax and SMS.

Independence and Confidentiality

As our client, you have complete independence in conducting your business activities. And you are the sole representative of your company. We don't take a share in your profits or equity in your business. We assure the confidentiality of any transaction, documents or dealing our client makes with us.

Prime Location

We realize the importance of location, so we established our presence in the heart of the business district in Kuwait City. You have access to the perfect location to conduct your business and conduct your meetings.