Q. How do the services differentiate from other service companies?

Our services are comprehensive and integrated to provide full support to business people. It enables clients to have the conveniences of administrative and business support services under one roof, saving time and cost.

Q. Is it possible for expats to benefit from the services?

Of course, Cubical Services focuses on providing support to any project started in Kuwait regardless of the nationality of the business owners.

Q. How do Cubical Services ensure confidentiality of my business transactions and actions?

We have given confidentiality utmost priority. Our clients are ensured that the documents and transaction of the business will be kept confidential. Every client has a project manager who will be the only person with the client’s business information.

Q. I’m a fresh graduate. I want to start a business. How can you help?

One of the major elements of our services is to guide and support new businesses in Kuwait. We will guide your project, professionals will help you prepare your project for the market; show you how it works and how it is presented. We will help you with marketing research and help you qualify for finance. Any kind of support service which will help your business to succeed can be availed from our wide range of service providers. From the idea to the incorporation you will get our dedicated support and services.

Q. Who will be my account manager?

On signing the contract in person, you will be introduced to the project manager.

Q. How will I communicate with my account manager?

You can communicate with your account manager by email, phone, and one-on-one meetings.

Q. If I outsource any service through Cubical Services, who will be responsible for the services of the supplier?

Cubical Services have contracted with partners who assure high quality and timely responses to our client’s request. But we are only responsible to the extent of providing the choice of the service provider. Once the service provider is chosen, Cubical Services will only act as a contact point and is not responsible for the acts of the service provider or client.

Q. What is the procedure for booking offices or meeting rooms?

It can be booked by communicating the requirement to the concerned project manager, who will in turn arrange the office as per the availability.

Q. What are the electronic devices available in the offices and meeting rooms?

Offices are fully equipped with all modern day amenities. Computer desktop, dedicated office line, and wireless internet is provided with the office. The meeting rooms are equipped with a projector.

Q. How do I renew my subscription?

Subscription can be renewed by contacting and communicating with your project manager.

Q. Can any one of the services be availed by itself alone?

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Our services are a complete package and though the client can choose to use or not use the services included, the charge for the package remains same.

Q. Can I subscribe for more than a year?

Clients can subscribe for a year and then renew the subscription as per their requirement.


Q. Can you help me find business suppliers?

We help clients to find and connect with suppliers and customers. Apart from market research we also provide access to a wide range of service providers who can help clients to meet there supply and demand requirement.

Q. Do you help in financing new entrepreneurs projects?

We help clients to qualify for their finance requirement by preparing the required business and legal documents. We also guide them to the right institutions after studying their requirement.

Q. I want accounting services along with the package. Is it possible?

Yes, we provide basic accounting services for all clients and full fledged accounting services can be availed from our service providers at competitive rates.